Working Students

Looking for a working student seeking to advance their dressage, jumping, horsemanship, and stable management skills.  This position is ideal for someone who has an interest in becoming a professional in the horse industry but is also great for anyone who wants to better themselves and further their horse knowledge.  We are very committed to providing an opportunity for real education of ambitious equestrians in a competitive program, you get the opportunity to advance your riding and horsemanship skills at an accelerated rate and “hands on” experience with quality horses and professionals. Our program is definitely geared toward eventing; although competition experience is not necessary, a commitment toward the eventing or dressage discipline is important.  A desire to learn and a willingness to work hard are essential.  We are looking for working students who really love horses, farm life, and are very interested in learning, improving their riding and becoming part of the Team


What we are looking for in a working student:

• A passion for learning something from every horse and every ride

• Someone who pays attention to details, takes initiative, and can make decisions

• A self-starter with a willingness to go above and beyond without being told

• Ability to make a long term commitment to your training – ideally six months to a year

• Ability to take instruction, retain learning, and apply it when not supervised

• Professional appearance and manner

• Be at least 16 years old

• Have some experience around horse


In this position you will be assisting with the day-to-day activities of the barn. This may include but is not limited to:


Lunging/Hand walking

Grooming/Tacking (possibly at shows)

• Cleaning Tack and equipment

• May also include feeding, mucking stalls and turnout

We have a very high standard or horse care and as part of the team we will expect you to meet that standard. You will be expected to work hard and in return you will learn a tremendous amount.


Benefits Include:

• The opportunity to learn and train as far as your abilities can take you under the guidance of professional riders and trainers.

• The ability to ride many horses of varying levels, from green youngsters to schoolmasters.

• Lessons with the trainer

Benefits for this program are suited to each individual; it largely depends on your experience and availability to work. Our program is designed to allow you the chance to fulfill your goals.