Sarah Song Matsuszewski

Head Coach and Trainer

at Freedom Run Equestrian Center

Sarah has been in the horse industry for the last 20 years. She has had
the honor of studying and/or riding under some of the Northwest
greats: Debbie Martin, Denise Opdahl, Diana Richards, Jean Moyer,
Todd Trewin, Gwen Blake, Karen O’Neal, John Camlin and many more. As well as spending time in Germany training at the Schwartze-Hof.

Sarah has been coaching for the last 12 years. She brings her joy and
passion for the sport to each lesson and shares it with her clients.

With a deep love for 3-day Eventing and Classical Dressage, Sarah excels
in both coaching, training, and competing herself. She remains constantly
in training; she is currently riding under John Camlin and Gwen BlakeĀ and yet still finds time to ride with multiple clinicians each

Being a working student growing up has allowed Sarah to glean knowledge
and experience that surpasses most expectations. As a coach she loves to
share her passion for horses and ability with those of all ages. She finds
joy working with young upcoming riders. Keeping the focus on the
relationship between horse and rider.

As a trainer, Sarah enjoys all levels of training from starting a
young horse to schooling the school masters. She still rides for the
love of the horse, which you can see when watching her work with these
magnificent animals.