Freedom Run Equestrian Center Services

We offer horse back riding lessons, horse training, and boarding. Our program includes lessons, practice sessions, practical horsemanship and training for any students who own their own horses or use a school horse. Our instruction is focused on hunter-jumper, 3-day eventing, and dressage to create a well-balanced rider. We teach our students good horsemanship and care, always putting our horses’ well being first. We are dedicated to our riders and their families, creating a welcoming and family-focused environment.

Horseback Riding Lessons
Our goal is to create riders with a great seat and legs, with understanding  steady hands. All students start on a lunge line, building their seat and legs. We use strength-training and gymnastics to develop balance, security and confidence. After the student has mastered independent riding and control, we move to a group lesson setting.

We believe excellent horsemanship and riding go hand-in-hand so all students will learn to groom, tack and care for their horses. Our lesson program offers one weekly lesson and workshops that focus on horsemanship and care for our horses.

Horseback Riding Lessons:
$250 a month with a school horse (1 x week)
$230 with own horse if boarded at Freedom Run (1 x week)
$200 a month with school pony (1 x week) Pony Play Date (30-45 minutes for ages 4 and under).

Horse Training

Our goal at Freedom Run is to take every horse that comes into training to its full potential. We want our horses to be healthy and to enjoy their work so we take a very classical approach to training. All horses that enter into our training program will benefit from a deep background in classical dressage, where we will first focus on ground work and then move into under the saddle training. We believe in creating a very well-rounded, happy horse that excels in its discipline. $750

Horse Leasing opportunity

We have many fun, talented and friendly school horses and ponies offered for lease.
Partial lease (2 -3 days a week ) $450

At Freedom Run your horse will have the best care provided by our professional staff.

Matted stalls cleaned daily
Lite covered arena with maintained footing
Outdoor arenas with maintained footing
Lite covered round pen
Heated wash rack
Hot Walker
Individual daily turnout
Quality hay provided 3 times a day
Blanket service
Supplements and grain fed

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