Horse training

Professional horse training

in Kent, Washington

Our goal at Freedom Run Equestrian Center is to take every horse that comes into horse training with us to its full potential. We want our horses to be healthy and to enjoy their work so we take a very classical approach to horse training. All horses that enter into our horse training program will benefit from a deep background in classical dressage, where we will first focus on ground work and then move into under the saddle training. We believe in creating a very well-rounded, happy horse that excels in its discipline.

Prices for having your horse trained at Freedom Run Equestrian Center:

 * Full Private Horse Training:

 Includes Sarah riding horse 4-5 times per week plus lessons. Total of at least 15-20 rides or lessons per month. 5 days per week exercised (Lunging, hand walking, walker, done by assistant when needed). Daily turn out. Mane pulling. Face clipping, blanketing and grooming when trainers ride. This program is for riders and horses who are competing or horses that are for sale $750/month